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You want to grow your business by reaching and engaging the people who need your products. We deliver communications strategies and marketing plans that build strong brands, tell compelling stories, and generate warm leads.

Nicholson Communications is a strategic communications and integrated marketing agency serving businesses and non-profits in Virginia and throughout the country.

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Content Strategy
Media Relations
Social Media
Tailored to reach your unique audience and meet your business goals
Content Strategy and Development
Your website, blog, and email platforms provide the most direct access to your customers. Leverage them to their fullest potential through a proactive content strategy.
Strategic Communications
Every customer, shareholder, employee, and other stakeholder is unique. Messages that connect with one audience may turn off another. Let us help you identify the best messages and medium for each of your stakeholders.
Media Relations
Media relations is a powerful too for building brand awareness and growing your market. It can also be a trap if not approached with care. We can develop and implement an earned media strategy to help you reach new audiences.
Email Marketing
Email is not going away, but it is becoming increasingly hard to cut through inbox clutter. Instead of increasing quantity, let's discuss the types of emails that your customers will look forward to opening, reading, and sharing.
Social Media Management
Americans spend an average of 39 minutes a day on Facebook alone. An effective social media strategy provides content that is interesting, unique, and easy to share.
Ad Concept and Copywriting
Strong video, radio, and print ads draw viewers in, engage their emotions, and drive them towards action. We can write scripts and copy that open minds and generate conversations.

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